The right storage – chest of drawers in the closet, a medicine cabinet in the bathroom, and some simple shelves either side of the tv in the living room – can be all it takes to organize and keep your home clutter-free. 

Are you constantly pulling up couch cushions looking for your car keys? A wooden tray or bowl nicely placed on a chest in the hallway is a simple yet stylish solution. Soon it will become second nature to throw keys and other small items in there. 

The best part is that a well-chosen – even if inexpensive – bowl can add a decorative touch that draws the eyes of visitors away from the less appealing features of your house. And it can instantly look like it’s right where it is supposed to live and will never once look like clutter.

If you keep hazardous materials and dangerous chemicals like pesticides, fertilizers, automotive fluids, solvents, and cleaning chemicals in your garage, you need cabinets, containers, and different other garage organizers to lock them away and prevent leakages. 

A messy garage really is an unsafe garage. Investing in garage organization solutions like overhead racks, slatwall hanging storage systems, cabinets, and shelving will help declutter your garage and make it a safer working space.

If your car garage that also serves as a storage space or workshop is cluttered and full to the door, parking your car inside becomes a challenge. Trying to squeeze the car into a tight space means you can easily dent and scratch it, which will be crushing if that car is your pride and joy.

Turn Underused Spaces Into Multifunctional Rooms

The modern home has to be multifunctional and allow you enough living, working, and playing space. It should ideally have space for a home office, studio, gym, a guest bedroom, and a spare room or two.

But what’s ideal is usually only a dream. Oftentimes, we have to get more out of the limited space we have. That may mean adding a foldaway bed so a studio, home office, or home gym becomes a bedroom when needed.

A Murphy bed makes it possible to transform most rooms into a bedroom with a simple turn of a lever or touch of a button. What was a chalkboard or worktable during the day suddenly stretches down to reveal a comfy bed.

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Maximize Space In A Small Apartment

The addition of only a few home essentials can leave a micro-condo looking very crowded and you feeling suffocated. Of all these essentials, the bed typically takes the most space.
The space a conventional bed sits on is usually dead space when you are not sleeping. Yes, it can have drawers underneath for extra storage but you will wish there was a way to truly maximize the space.

Create Innovative Storage

Murphy beds can be custom-designed to meet your storage needs. You aren’t just maximizing space, but you are also using the wall bed to complete a look or achieve a specific ambience level.
Whether the bed is in an open or closed position, we can design it to complement the home’s overall decor. We can design it to tuck in between two identical floor-to-ceiling cabinets, adding extra shelves to expand storage and complete the look you are after at the same time.

Add A Guest Bedroom Where There Aren't Any Vacant Rooms

For those who want the convenience of a guest room but don’t have guests that often, a Murphy bed is the ideal solution. You can identify an underused room, like your home office or exercise room, and add a Murphy bed.
Until you have a guest visiting the bed stays folded away, hardly noticeable. Since they are highly customizable, the wall bed can assume any orientation that makes the best use of the available space. It can be any size you prefer and in the finish that complements the room’s decor.

Harness the Space-Saving Superpowers of Murphy Beds

When you add a Murphy bed to an office or studio, you turn the room into much more than a sleeping space. It’s a much more comfortable and multi-functional space for guests who may also appreciate the added convenience of a work desk when they need to catch up on work.

With our custom Murphy bed service, it does not matter what shape your room is. If that is what it takes to add more function to the space or what the space allows, the Murphy bed can have a horizontal instead of the conventional vertical orientation.

Make your guests feel that much more appreciated with a fully-contained sleeping and working space, increase storage, and craft a room that makes maximum use of available space with our custom-designed Murphy beds.

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